Caroline Mathias & Primož Krajnik

seminar, open & private classes

Ljubljana, 23-29 August 2021

The longest and most extensive overview of tango technique in Slovenia

DNI tango technique allows you to focus on yourself. Leaders will finally focus on their bodies, not on the 'lead'. The lead is natural and easy when the body works well. We'll also learn how to listen to the partner - technically, not abstractly. Followers will love the DNI - this is the only tecnique where you get as much work and knowledge as leaders do. This time the followers will learn how to communicate to the leader their position, intent, desires. No more excuses - tango is about you.

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Group classes from Monday to Friday elaborate basic technique concepts:

SOLO TECHNIQUE   on Wednesday
CLOSE(D) EMBRACE  on Thursday

Seminar on Saturday and Sunday (15.30-20.00 each day) focuses on the music: what to listen to in tango, and how to dance it. We will learn the tools - not sequences of steps - that we can use to express our feelings about music.

Private classes is where DNI teachers really excel. They usually teach a few privates each working day, following a structured approach based on DNI tecnhique.


Studio Moj Korak, Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Caroline Mathias

I trained in contemporary dance in London and Buenos Aires, and after being fascinated by tango for many years I had the opportunity to join the family of the world-famous DNI Tango School and Company in 2015.

I studied the social history and folklore which surrounds tango in Argentina for three years at CETBA. These classes, with historians, collectors and DJs who are passionate about sharing the true history and culture of tango, were the perfect complement to my training and of course the experience of social dance in Buenos Aires!

Primož Krajnik

In my 20+ years as a tango dancer and tango teacher I have had the opportunity to work intensively with iconic tango personas: from old milongueros Puppy Castello and Osvaldo Carthery to the "maestros of all maestros" Gustavo Naveira, Pablo Veron, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Juana Sepulveda.

Janja and I belive - intensively since 2015 - that the most insightful and systematic way to learn tango comes from Dana Frigoli's DNI. I have spent months in her school in Buenos Aires in the last years, training to be here with you.