Ljubljana, 6-10 October 2020

seminar, open & private classes

The longest and most extensive overview of tango technique in Slovenia

DNI tango allows you to focus on yourself. Use your body efficiently, make floor your reliable friend, connect with your partner on a deeper level. Leaders will finally focus on their bodies, not on the 'lead'. The lead is natural and easy when the body works well. Followers will love the DNI - this is the only school where you get as much work and knowledge as leaders do. No more excuses - tango is about you.

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Group classes from Monday to Friday introduce basic technique concepts:

PESO / WEIGHT  on Monday
EXPANSION   on Tuesday
FLEXION   on Wednesday
AXIS & IMPULSE  on Thursday
WOMAN & MAN TECHNIQUE  also on Friday

Seminar on Saturday and Sunday (14.30-19.00 each day) titled Choosing how to do what we do is a gradul development of biomechanical tools that allow us to dance with control and grace.

Private classes is where DNI teachers really excel. They usually teach a few privates each working day, following a structured approach based on DNI tecnhique.


Studio Moj Korak, Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Raúl Palladino

Raúl Palladino

I was born in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and I’ve been living in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the last 10 years. I came to this city to work at DNI Tango School, where I have developed as an artist and as a teacher. In addition to this, I’ve also practised other forms of dance - contact improvisation, contemporary dance, and I’ve participated in theatre plays and music shows, since acting, singing and playing instruments are also my passions.

Due to my interest and close connection to music, in the last three years I’ve also specialized in teaching Musicality for tango dancers.

In my classes, exercises and games are my preferred tool to help students understand body mechanisms or musical patterns in a playful, easy and relatable way. I believe that studying and learning should be a happy process, so I focus on accompanying my students with love and containing their process with care.

Raúl v Ljubljani z Dulce, lani
Raúl Palladino

Caroline Mathias

I am a dancer and teacher from Herefordshire, a rural, beautiful county in the UK. I trained in contemporary dance in London and Buenos Aires, and after being fascinated by tango for many years I had the opportunity to join the family of the world-famous DNI Tango School and Company in 2015. I studied the history of tango at CETBA, connecting to the social history and folklore which surrounds it. Tango is danced all over the world, but is richer when we recognise where it has come from!

I am absolutely fascinated by and in love with the work that I do. Being in quarantine in Buenos Aires has been a very intense and powerful experience; I have explored my own dance practice, investigated online pedagogy to reach students all over the world... and have missed the embrace of tango so very, very much!

There are many things we can work on which are specific to tango - technique; musicality; improvisation in social dance; the roles of leader and follower. But by inhabiting our bodies in a conscious way, and learning to be present in the dance with all its changes and challenges, we can also be more comfortable and expressive in our everyday way-of-being. As you will know, if you have been dancing tango for some time, it is a lot like life!

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